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All Elite Technologies is registered with the Ministry of Finance (465-00012533 and 357-01002052) to undertake environment related studies and IT based services (Reg. No.: 210101, 210102, 210103, 210104, 210105, 210106 & 220109). It also has a SAMM accredited laboratory in Sarawak and is registered with Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor (UPK) Sarawak (UPK-B/01575) and Construction Industry Development Board (0120021010-WP075794). In addition to this All Elite Technologies has also obtained MSC status (Certificate No.: 2404) with its Shared Services Outsourcing.

All Elite Technologies workforce includes professionals with more than 30 years of experience, registered with relevant agencies.  The interdisciplinary team includes an integrated pool of specialist in planning, project managing, engineering, IT, scientists, chemists, mathematicians and statisticians. As such, All Elite Technologies has all the relevant experiences and competence in carrying out environment, information technology and laboratory related services.

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