AET Data Services

Individuals, research bodies and student groups need environmental data for analysis and research purposes. Data on Water Quality and Quantity is now available, provided by AET Data on Demand and WRS Graphical View Subscription services, covering locations in the Rajang Basin, Sarawak, Malaysia, namely Kapit, Kanowit, Sibu and Hap Rapid.

AET Data on Demand

AET Data On Demand Services provides customer means, to cherry-pick  water quality and water quantity data set by specific station and dates, and obtain them on-demand.

For list of data-sets available kindly see table below:







Hap Rapid

pH unitpH unitpH unitpH unit
Temperature (°C)Temperature (°C)Temperature (°C)Temperature (°C)
Salinity Salinity SalinitySalinity
Conductivity (mS/cm) Conductivity (mS/cm) Conductivity (mS/cm) Conductivity (mS/cm)
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/l) River Flow (m3/s) River Flow (m3/s) Dissolved Oxygen(mg/l) 
Turbidity (NTU) Rainfall (mm)Rainfall (mm) Turbidity (NTU)
      ) Rain Rate (mm/hr)    

How to Register for Data on Demand Services?

Apply on-line by clicking  here. You will be notified via e-mail upon successful application, with information which include the data availability, amount need to be paid, terms, etc.

Upon we receiving payment, AET will inform customer on the delivery of data which will be in excel file format, and can be sent via e-mail, or upon customer request, by  courier (within Malaysia only), in the form of CD/DVD. Kindly be informed there will be additional charges for courier services.


WEB RETRIEVAL SYSTEM(WRS) Graphical View Subscription

WRS Graphical Data access provides customer to view data in line graph representation on-line, for water quality and water analysis, based on parameters, through on-line means.Customers can choose to view data up to 30 days, real-time data(15 minutes delay expected). The parameters  measured may differ to each stations. Registered customer will be provided a login username and password, to access our WRS.

Registered User will be able to:

  • Compare the Parameters of Water Quality and Water Quantity among four stations, other than individual Analysis of Parameters by Station
  • Have access to 30 days of data, with the following features of our system:
    • Line Graph Representation, with colored Lines, you just have to mouse over(cursor over)the respective lines to get a readout displaying the parameter measurement, time, and date of data pointed.
    • Have Gauge meter repsentation for all pH readings.
    • Map based location selection, for speedier selection of stations
  • Real time data (up to 15 minutes delay)
  • Username and password based login system to provide priviledged access


Click here to view sample data. 


How to Register WRS Graphical Data Services?

Click here. Upon successful registration(you will be informed via e-mail), on the amount need to be paid, with the terms and conditions. You will be given a username and password to access our WRS system.

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